Falling Apart (Falling Together)

Falling Apart (Falling Together) explores form and landscape, playing with my own memories of destination and space as influence.

Following the journey of British Sculptor Barbara Hepworth, I travelled from Wakefield, Yorkshire to the South-West peninsula of the UK, where I was to spend 9 days making work on and around the Cornish coast. I decided to touch upon my lasting relationship to Cornwall and the sea, which began from a young age, frequently exploring Hepworth’s Trewyn Studio and the surrounding beaches and hills of St. Ives on our family’s annual holidays.

In place of conventional language, I searched for the dialogue between forms that exist between the high tides and sloping hills of the Cornish landscape, rocks that have fallen and have been sculptured the elements, constructing sculptural encounters between maker and viewer.

In turn, this work metaphorically divulges feelings and reflections on my parent’s move to Cornwall from a life long family home, a move which came at a difficult time of my life and signified a change within our relationship. Having been a rather closed off family throughout my teenage years, the distance we had from one another led us to become a closer family and allowed for a newly found conversational relation to my parents as well as the Landscape which so heavily influenced this project.

Installation View - Beyond the Camera: China - Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIP) - 2017

Curated by Sian Bonnell

Photography by Joeseph Briggs Price

Above, Below & Beside Yourself


Sixty-Three involved a two-week stint of photographing my temporal residence, during the summer of 2016. I worked alongside a close friend and photographer to create a body of work that reflects upon the space as our social hub and the traces left by those that frequented it.

Temporal housing acts mostly as a transition between stages of your life, a home, of sorts, which never becomes one. With this idea in mind, we collaborated to produce a series of work which was produced in it’s entirety within the space and then exhibited for a 3 day period also within the space, towards the end of our tenancy.